Vehrad is known for being rapid in delivery results with reducing the number of days on road
Different trailers with different capacity trucks to suit the load ensures that the transportation would be done at ease.

  • Competent Trainded Drivers 4x4  Vehicle
  • Escort 4x4 Vehicle
  • Diffrent Trailers To Meet Different Needs
  • Consolidation Of Goods
  • Well Maintained Trucks With Continus Monitoring
  • Live GPS Tracking To Provide Accurate Trip Information  
  • ICMI certified since 2008 for transport, and recertified in 2017 meeting all requirements

Import & Export

Our full-time team are employed to handle customs clearance.

  • Fast Clearing To Ensure No Delay
  • Dedicated Experienced Team At Port And Country Borders
  • Quick Communication To stay Informed About The Goods
  • Self owned equipment for fast loading/offloading

Waste Management

Our incineration system purpose is to dispose of toxic waste of different forms:

  • Location Collection Of Waste
  • Secure Storage To Eliminate any Unauthorized Access
  • Shred The Material Before Initiating The Disposal Operation
  • Special German Shredding Equipment For An Efficient And Effective Process
  • Qualified And Competent Personal To Perform The Task Safely
  • Complete Incineration System To Provide An Effective Outcome
  • Periodically Inspected And Maintained Equipments
  • ICMI Certified For Cyanide Waste Disposal, EPA Certified And Has Municipality Certificate.


Vehrad has a total of more than 35,000sqm of warehouse facilities

  • Non-bonded Warehouses Available In Tema Close Proximity To The Port
  • Recently Built And Periodically Maintained 
  • Well Structured To Handle Heavy Duty Equipments Weight And Movement
  • Well secured with Surveillance CCTV System and Alarm system
  • Large space
  • Easy access for trucks and equipments

Chemical Reagents

Meeting the needs for the mines is our strength. We ensure all our products outperform in both quality and price. Having the stock in our warehousing facility Tema, assists the mine to have product delivered to site when needed. Vehrad is able to acquire the chemical the mine requires such as:

  • Granding Media
  • Sodium Metabisulfite
  • Caustic Soda Pearl
  • Sodium Cyanide
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Lime


Vehrad own's its equipment in order to provide the customer the complete service that their require and at the moment they need it

  • Screw
  • Screw System For Repackaging Sodium Cyanide Certified By ICMI In 2017
  • ISO Tank For Sodium Cyanide Transport
  • Reach Stacker Increases Productivity  By Reducing The Container Time Movement
  • Forklift Ensures a Fast Operation For Loading And Offloading
  • Special German Shredding Equipment For Efficient And Effective Waste Disposal
  • Wrapping Machine For Loose Products To Provide a Stable Transportation